What does the GECI Programme offer?

This programme will offer a comprehensive portfolio of trainings for professionals working in ministries, public institutions, grid operators, power generation companies, project developers, enterprises, the finance sector and NGOs. This capacity building programme will offer full and partial scholarships for short-term trainings in Iran, in Berlin, and via the internet.


Trainings in Iran:

GECI covers fees for the seminar participation including teaching materials, lunch, coffee / tea breaks for the duration of the seminar.

Trainings in Berlin:

For trainings in Berlin, fees for seminar participation are covered by GECI including materials, laboratories, field trips, lunch, coffee / tea breaks, travel and health insurance for the duration of the seminar. Participants are responsible for booking and paying accommodation and transport. RENAC will reimburse participants with up to 50% of economy class flight tickets (up to 250,00 Euro) and hotel costs (up to 42,15 Euro/night for up to six nights) upon submission of payment receipts. The participants shall cover at least 50% of ticket and hotel costs.
Example: RENAC will reimburse 20 Euro/night if the hotel costs 40 Euro/night, 42,15 Euro/night if the hotel costs 90 Euro/night and 42,15 Euro if the hotel costs 100 Euro/night.

Internet-based trainings:

Fees for the participation in internet-based trainings are covered by the project including access to texts and videos, animations, questions for self-testing, virtual classrooms, online forum for questions/answers, final test and RENAC certificate.

The next online training package “Certified Green Energy Professional” at  October 01st, 2019 to March 31st, 2020 is open now. For registration until September 20th, 2019 please click here.

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GECI Trainings 2017-2020:

Overview of GECI Training packages.