What does the GECI Programme offer?

This programme will offer a comprehensive portfolio of trainings for professionals working in ministries, public institutions, grid operators, power generation companies, project developers, enterprises, the finance sector and NGOs. This capacity building programme will offer full and partial scholarships for short-term trainings in Iran, in Berlin, and via the internet.

The programme offers:

  • Eight different training modules in Iran for maximum of 15 participants per training
  • Four five-day seminars in Berlin for a maximum of 12 participants per seminar
  • Internet-based trainings on various RE/EE topics

GECI Training packages are almost over, the final exam for last online training which is “Certified Green Energy Professional” and a re-exam of it will be at 29 June 2020 and 24 August 2020. But the online platform is available till end of September 2020.

Please visit RENAC- GECI Project Webpage


GECI Trainings 2017-2020:

Overview of GECI Training packages.